2x Email Engagement Rates, Automatically

Show precision-targeted display ads to everyone in your email lists with superior match rates.

Prospects Don't Read Every Email You Send But They Read Facebook And Google Daily

Fingrprint has solved for low match rates with a new GDPR-compliant technology that takes 6 minutes to master and 40 seconds to integrate to your favorite email automation app.

Convert Your Email Assets Into Fingrprints.

Fingrprint adds invisible code that retargets anyone that interacts with your emails with ads that vary dependent on where they are in the sales funnel.

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Integrate Fingrprint Into Your Favorite Email Automation App.

You can use Fingrprint manually or integrate with popular email automation apps within 40 seconds so that all your email assets become individual Fingrprints, automatically.

Empower Sales And Social Media Teams

Our new Chrome extension allows your colleagues to create Fingrprints with one click, making them easy to include in their sales communications or social media posts.

Why Retargeting Outperforms In B2B

“I love retargeting, I just don’t have enough of it,” is a common phrase many marketing managers make after seeing the low costs of re-engaging prospects through retargeted text and display ads, but are often disappointed by the low volume.

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Everything Fingrprint Explained In A Few Minutes

We think we’ve built a new kind of software tool that can really increase email engagement rates in an automated and compliant way.

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How To 3.5x The Reach Of Your Social Media Posts With Fingrprint

What if everyone who saw our social media posts also saw targeted ads that followed them around the web so that we could maximize our engagement with them? Now we can.

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How To Add Fingrprint To Popular Email Automation Apps In 40 Seconds

A few clicks and 40 seconds is all it takes to convert all of your active emails into Fingrprints so that most of your subscribers will start seeing your hyper-targeted ads on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

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