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Automatically display targeted, timely ads to everyone in your email & social stacks

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Fingrprinting Is A Dramatic Improvement Over Simple Retargeting.

Traditional B2B retargeting can only display ads to a small fraction of your prospect pipeline. Fingrprint is a new GDPR-compliant technology that can deliver hyper-targeted display ads to nearly everybody in your email lists and social media audiences - automatically.

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Convert Your Email Assets Into Fingrprints.

Fingrprint adds invisible code that retargets anyone that interacts with your emails with ads that vary dependent on where they are in the sales funnel.

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Integrate Fingrprint Into Your Favorite Email Automation App.

You can use Fingrprint manually or integrate it into popular apps within 40 seconds so that all your email assets become individual Fingrprints, automatically.

Distributed Fingrprinting Extends Your Reach.

Fingrprint extends to your sales & social media teams through an additional Chrome extension that makes it "one click simple" to retarget anyone they email, socialize with or message.

Explainer Videos

What Is Fingrprinting?

This short guide explains the concepts behind Fingrprinting and gives an overview of the entire platform.

Integrate & Automate Fingrprint In 40 Seconds

This quick videos shows you how easy it is to integrate Fingrprint into your favorite email automation or sequencing application within a few clicks.

Blog Posts From Our CEO

Why We Created Fingrprint

In our previous company, with our email automation app we had a 40% email open rate and a 5% click-through rate, mostly to third party news, articles or videos we would send prospects. We thought that was pretty good.

But one day I asked myself, “What about the other 35% who opened our emails? How do we get them further down the funnel?” Read more

Retargeting Is Incredibly Effective In B2B

It was 2015 and I decided to sell the company. To gain interest I had a short list of 50 CEOs I wanted to reach out to. So I wrote a custom, personal email to each one explaining why we were the “best digital health company no one’s heard of.”

We also wrote a script that showed retargeted display ads to the CEOs who opened and read my emails. Read more

Now You Can Fingrprint Anything With 1 Click

We’ve taken nearly all of the functionality of Fingrprint.io and turned it into a Chrome extension you can also share with your marketing, sales and social media teams.

Fingrprint is our application which allows you to instantly turn any link (such as a news article), document (such as a proposal), media file (explainer video) or image (Infographic) into a Retargeting Asset or “Fingrprint.” Read more

Why Should Marketers Fingrprint Prospects?

Problem: Marketers can’t display ads to most of the subscribers in their email lists, resorting to pay per click bidding wars campaigns and shotgun display ads to fill the chasm between outbound emails and paid inbound traffic.

Solution: Create enterprise software that “fingrprints” prospects when they read emails or documents so that everyone is shown relevant display ads. Read more